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SHADE CLOTH mod. "POWER" (25 Mm)

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TESSUTO OMBREGGIANTE mod. POWER- Fornito a Rotoli : Misure Large View larger

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SHADE CLOTH mod. POWER"- Supplied in Rolls : Measures Large

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Siepe Economica LAURO + OSCURANTE due Misure _ CHIAMACI PER L'OFFERTA !!!
Siepe Economica...
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VASO AZAMORA (Vedi Misure e Colori)
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The Hedge Artificial StoreBM line is the answer to those who do not want to have more problems to cut, clean the dead leaves and continually lose the time that you could use better without sacrificing the beauty and aesthetics of a hedge true. The materials of these hedges are resistant to all weather conditions and are guaranteed to UV (ultra violet). Beautiful, cheap and easy to assemble.

Description, Dimensions and installation: Our hedges are provided in "tiles" from 50cm x 50cm or from 1 square meter x 1 square meter. E 'can still cut the tile to desired measures simply with scissors or utility knife. Settle very easily by assembling a tile to another via the "clip" tab (see photo above) strong and secure. The hedge in turn must be fixed sun of a fence, or on a wall or other means of fasciette plastic (not supplied). It 'important to know that our hedges are flexible and are not self-supporting; Neccessitano therefore necessarily a network on which to be applied / set. It 'should be noted that our hedges Artificial are provided with foliage of different type, model-dependent, and only one side, then are single-sided. On the opposite side there is the backbone of the leaves (see photo above representative). E 'can still fix the same on both sides of the fence to have an aesthetic effect sided even more spectacular, clearly doubling the amount of tiles purchased.

Cleaning of Our Artificial Hedges: For cleaning of our artificial Hedges simply wash them occasionally with water.

Shipping: The shipping of our Artificial Hedges is done in Europe. The average time of shipment is the most a week, except not in stock availability of the color and / or model chosen

Returns: One of the highlights StoreBM is undoubtedly constituted by the after-sales service offered to its customers. Regardless of the product and how to purchase the same (at the store or via the internet), any misunderstanding and / or problems inherent in it is immediately addressed and resolved quickly. This is to ensure maximum protection and customer satisfaction. Our main goal is to ensure a quality service and is in this light that we work every day, paying the utmost attention to the slightest detail.

We remind you that if it is not to your liking the type of purchasing decision you have made and you have received, you have the chance to make it in the time prescribed by law and in the manner described in the "CONDITIONS OF SERVICE" and without any problem, by contacting us via email you find in our site. You will be refunded immediately.

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SHADE CLOTH mod. "POWER" (25 Mm)

SHADE CLOTH mod. "POWER" (25 Mm)

SHADE CLOTH mod. POWER"- Supplied in Rolls : Measures Large

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