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Artificial FICUS LYRATA BUSH h 95cm 70cm ø

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The Artificial DELUXE FICUS LYRATA BUSH h 95cm 70cm ø

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Our plants are of high quality Artificial Plants assemble MADE in ITALY having trunks looked REAL, dried and treated to ensure maximum hygiene and to last in time and are of the highest quality. And that is why every plant we do and that you will receive is unique, and difficult to see the same design with one another, just as happens in nature. Artificial foliage is made with innovative materials, faithfully reproduced in its shades of colour, texture, texture and veins and are made from materials resistant and easy to clean. The final appearance of the plant over and practically equal to true! You won't find other similar artificial plants on the market.

Please note:the jar that you see pictured is not included in the delivery. The plant at the time of purchase will be provided when flooded with a jar "basic" and subsequently submitted by you in a pot yours or possibly purchased among the many suggested below in"accessory" or in our line vessels. The height of the plant is always referred to the total height from the ground including the economic pot from stability to the plant.

Sizes and colors available: leaves the measures and the colors of the leaves of this plant can be selected in the drop down menu at the top, but always remember that if you can customize both the size of leaf colors other than the proposed standard. We can tailor make any Plant we're wondering if the material and the model is available in stock. Any special requests, however, may be the same made but in times of supply from budget.

Cleaning of our Artificial Plants: for cleaning of our artificial plants simply remove any dust as an ornament. If the artificial plant was exposed to certain conditions, for a basic cleaning, spray or rinse with a little water, then simply leave it dry.

The advantages of our Artificial Plants: just why are artificial are suitable in environments where light and all the typical conditions of survival of the real plan are absent. Are beneficial in that all maintenance, and therefore the cost of real plants, are totally lost! Then ourArtificial Plants, in restaurants, in bars, hotels, offices, in wetlands as SPA etc, are al most necessary location giving a touch of decoration and "life" where it is normally difficult to create.

Shipping: the shipping of our Artificial Plants is carried out throughout the territory, Islands included. The average shipping time of up to one week, unless the availability in stock of color and/or pattern you have chosen.

Made: one of StoreBM pride is undoubtedly the after-sales service offered to its customers.Regardless of the product and the purchase of the same mode (at the point of sale or via internet), any glitch or problem inherent to it is immediately addressed and resolved quickly. In order to ensure maximum protection and customer satisfaction. Our main goal is to ensure a high-quality service and it is from this perspective that we work every day, paying the utmost attention to the slightest detail.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE !! We remind you that if it is not to your liking the type of selection of Artificial Plant you have done and you have received, you have the chance to make it in the time prescribed by law and in the manner described in the "conditions of service" and without any problem, by contacting us via email you find in our website ( You will be refunded immediately.

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Artificial FICUS LYRATA BUSH h 95cm 70cm ø

Artificial FICUS LYRATA BUSH h 95cm 70cm ø

The Artificial DELUXE FICUS LYRATA BUSH h 95cm 70cm ø

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