The Cycas Palm Tree EXT EXT H. 80


The Cycas Artificial Palm Tree EXT EXT H. 80

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Plants Artficiali StoreBM Line OUTDOOR are made specifically for use in outdoor environments where the climatic conditions are more adverse. The material of Artificial Plants Outdoor is a high quality material and resisteste frost and the rain. Them, even if they are guaranteed to UV rays (Ultra Violet) is natural that, as all materials that after some time, are always exposed to sunlight, they tend to discolor and clear. The duranta, in these cases it is definitely less. We recommend it to use these at least where the sun is not present throughout the day. Even in desperate cases, however, our Outdoor Plants can last more than 3/4 years without decay

NOTE: The vessel is seen in the photo is NOT included in the delivery. The plant at the time of purchase will be provided possessed with a jar "basic" (apart from in the spheres "ball") and subsequently inserted by you in a jar your door or possibly purchased from the many suggested below in "accessories" or in our POTS line. The height of the plant is always referred to the total height from the ground including the vessel from economic stability to the plant itself.

Sizes and colors of the leaves available: The measures and the colors of the leaves of this plant (if available in the model) can be selected in the drop-down menu at the top, but always remember that if you want we can customize both the size and colors of leaf other than the proposed standard. We are able to make "custom" any plant we ask as long as the material and the model is available in stock. Any special requests, however, can be made the same but in times of supply to estimate.

Cleaning of Our Plants Artificial: For cleaning of our artificial plants is sufficient to remove the dust like a common sopprammobile. In case the artificial plant was exposed to particular conditions, for a thorough cleaning, spray or rinse with a little water, then simply leave to dry.

The Advantages of Our Plants Artificial: Just because I'm Artificial are suitable in environments where light and all the typical conditions of survival of the real plant are absent. Are advantageous in that all the maintenance, and therefore the costs of Plants true, are totally cleared! So our Artificial Plants, in restaurants, in the bars, in hotels, in offices, in the Wetlands as SPA etc, are almost a required placement of furniture and giving a touch of "life" where normally it is difficult to create.

Shipping: The shipment of our Artificial Plants is done across Europe, including islands. The average time of delivery are a maximum of 10 days, except not in stock availability of the color and / or model chosen.

Product return: One of the highlights StoreBM is undoubtedly constituted by the after-sales service offered to its customers. Regardless of the product and how to purchase the same (at the store or via the internet), any misunderstanding and / or problems inherent in it is immediately addressed and resolved quickly. This is to ensure maximum protection and customer satisfaction. Our main goal is to ensure a quality service and is in this light that we work every day, paying the utmost attention to the slightest detail.

We remind you that if it is not to your liking the type of selection of Artificial Plant you have done and you have received, you have the chance to make it in the time prescribed by law and in the manner described in the "CONDITIONS OF SERVICE" and without any problem, contattandocitramite email you find in our site. You will be refunded immediately.. 

* Prices are Excluding VAT and transport (except promotions)


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The Cycas Artificial Palm Tree EXT EXT H. 80

The Cycas Artificial Palm Tree EXT EXT H. 80


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