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PICTURE POLEMOSS - Rectangular (50Cmx150Cm)

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QUADRO di LICHENE FREE (170X20cm) Vari Colori - Rettangolo BIG
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The novelty of StoreBM are the new decorative Paintings Lichen stabilized. Lichens are Natural vegetable "real" and stabilized, a new concept of NATURAL DECORATIONS, suitable for any kind of use of interior; the exhibition spaces and private, the big shopping centers and places pubbilici, to the furnishing of their home. Even to create walls of great aesthetic impact thanks to our panels 100x100cm. The product is made with moss LICHEN 100% NATURAL AND ECOLOGICAL coming from the Nordic countries; are fresh and soft to the touch, "lives" but that does not need maintenance or care. The stabilization treatment preserves him from becoming rotten, but it becomes rather artificial product in a stabilized product, chemically treated in time because it maintains its softness, color and elasticity. Being stabilized, it does not emit carbon dioxide, residual photosynthesis, so that does not happen anymore. This treatment allows to preserve the plants for a duration of life of about 10 years. Use only indoors - diretttamente not expose to sunlight - NOT SUFFER the HUMIDITY 'lives very well indeed even in VERY HUMID as SPA and POOL. In addition to the classical forms of the pictures you see in e-commerce by selecting the measures in the dropdown menu above, we are able to develop any kind of shape and dimensions and material of custom frames simply by writing an email to store@contractbm.com.

Benefits: The Green Stabilized is completely fireproof and safe, made with patented cutting-edge systems that will produce optimal results in total safety. Our Paintings of Green Stabilized StoreBM are outstanding as ACOUSTIC. A framework StoreBM combines the elegance of a wood frame with the originality of a product 100% natural and ecological. Sophisticated materials, fine, available in various colors to convey a unique atmosphere that will provide moments of relaxation to feast.

Cleaning the paintings stabilized not need watering, light or temperature humidity in particular in that they live on the premises. It recommended a simple spolverizzazione to preserve their freshness.

Shipping: The shipping of our paintings are made in Europe. The average time of shipment is the most a week, except not in stock availability of the color and / or model chosen.

Returns: One of the highlights StoreBM is undoubtedly constituted by the after-sales service offered to its customers. Regardless of the product and how to purchase the same (at the store or via the internet), any misunderstanding and / or problems inherent in it is immediately addressed and resolved quickly. This is to ensure maximum protection and customer satisfaction. Our main goal is to ensure a quality service and is in this light that we work every day, paying the utmost attention to the slightest detail.

We remind you that if it is not to your liking the type of purchasing decision you have made and you have received, you have the chance to make it in the time prescribed by law and in the manner described in the "CONDITIONS OF SERVICE" and without any problem, by contacting us via email you find in our site. You will be refunded immediately.

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PICTURE POLEMOSS - Rectangular (50Cmx150Cm)

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