Artificial cactus Euphorbia LUX H. 140 cm


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Artificial cactus Euphorbia LUX H. 140 cm

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Artificial cactus Euphorbia LUX H. 140 cm Without Pot

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And cactus, however, is not artiificiale determined by succulent plants or succulent, because made of special fabrics of plant origin, which tends to retain water with the purpose of the reserve. Our ARTIFICIAL cactus are made from materials Hyper realistitici ache to the touch for interior decor.

Plant Lines ECONOMY class, even if called "economy class" is the same excellent quality. Almost all models (except succulents) assembled MADE in ITALY with trunks are REAL , dried and processed to ensure maximum hygiene and durability. Artificial foliage is made with the use of innovative materials, faithfully reproduced in its nuances, colours, textures, texture and veins, and they are made from durable materials and easily washable. The final aesthetics of the Plant ends, and is almost true! It is important to know that every Plant is made/harvested by hand, and therefore each of them is different from each other, while maintaining the aesthetics of the photo and the model You chose.

NOTE: a vessel that you see in the pictures is NOT included in the package. The plant at the time of purchase will be provided with the devils jar of "basic" and then have added you to the front door of your vase or, possibly, acquired among the many proposed in the section below "accessories" or in our line of Vessels . Plant height always refer to the total height from the ground with vase cheaper than from stability to the plant.

Sizes and Colors of leaves available: the proportion and color of the leaves of this Plant selected from the drop down menu at the top, but always remember that if you wish, we can customize the size of that leaf color differs from the standard suggestions. We can make custom any Plant asks us, provided that the material and the model will be in stock in the warehouse. Any special requests, however, can be done, but in terms of delivery on request.

The purity of Our Artificial Plants: cleaning of our artificial plants is enough to remove dust, as a General sopprammobile. If the artificial plant was exposed to certain conditions, to clean the bottom, spray or rinse with a small amount of water and then just wipe away.

The advantages of Our Artificial Plants: Precisely because they are Artificial suitable in rooms where the light and all the conditions typical for the survival of plants available. There is an advantage that all service, and, accordingly, the costs of real Plants, will be completely zeroed out ! Therefore, our Artificial Plants , in Restaurants, in Bars, in Hotels, in Offices , in wetlands, SPA, etc., find almost you want to place giving the furniture, and "life", which is usually hard to create.

Delivery: the delivery of our Artificial Plants are made throughout the territory , including Islands. The average delivery time a week if not in stock the color and/or model you choose.

>Did One of the flagships StoreBM undoubtedly consists of services, after-sales service offered to its Clients. Regardless of the product and the method of purchase (in store or online), any error and/or problems relating to its execution, immediately addressed and resolved promptly. This is in order to provide maximum protection and Customer satisfaction. Our main goal is to provide a service of first quality, and in this context that we are working every day, paying maximum attention to even the smallest detail.

We remind that if not to your liking, the choices of Artificial Plants that you have done and you have received , you have the opportunity to do it in the terms established by law, and in cases described under "terms of service" without any problem, contact us or direct number 030 7777714 or email, which you will find on our website. You will be returned immediately.

*Prices are excluding VAT and excluding Transport (except for current promotions)


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Artificial cactus Euphorbia LUX H. 140 cm

Artificial cactus Euphorbia LUX H. 140 cm

Artificial cactus Euphorbia LUX H. 140 cm Without Pot

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